Healthcare & Insurance

Healthcare & Insurance
RITWIK Infotech has a range of service offerings to address the specific requirements of managed health care, healthcare payers, providers, and the life science sector-from eligibility, membership, and claims systems to healthcare informatics and medical risk management systems. 
 We posses strong domain and application knowledge, and we believe we could be a good consulting partner for Life and Health Sciences companies to support their initiatives. 
We see Life and Health Sciences as 3 distinct sub-segments focusing on 
  • Pharma, Biotech, Medical Products and Medical Devices
  • Agri and related areas
  • Healthcare Providers
Life & Health Sciences Offerings
  • ERP Implementation and Management Services for Pharma, Biotech and Medical Supplies and – covering Financials, Asset Management, Procurement, Inventory, Manufacturing, CRM and HCM 
  • Implementation of Clinical and ERP applications for Hospitals and Building analytical solutions on areas like patient care, supply chain, costing & pricing