Big Data | Analytics | ODI | Devops

Big Data | Analytics | ODI | Devops
Our Big Data/Analytics Services include:
  • Big Data Management 
  • Big Data Analytical Application Development 
  • Hadoop/ Map Reduce programming 
  • Big Data Consultancy 
  • Tableau
  • Data Science
Tableau makes easy data visualization and analysis through drag-and-drop changes of your data. Tableau is highly rated Business analytical software. No other tool than Tableau gives you a quicker path to the business intelligence answers that your organization needs.
Our DevOps Services include:
  • Discovery - Readiness assessment and Feasibility (and maturity) check
  • Planning - Roadmap definition, DevOps solution definition, Product Operation Process Creation and Reviews,          Automation and Tools recommendation
  • Enablement - Organization change management
  • Execution :
                   - Continuous delivery/deployment, continuous integration and end-to-end testing
                   - Provisioning cloud management - Amazon, OpenStack, etc.
                   - Configuration management - Application configuration, Server configuration, Manage Security Groups,  
                      Performance optimization, Identity & Access Management
                   - Operational intelligence including data analytics and customized data audit reporting services
                    - Performance Monitoring
                    - Data management - Data handling, Stage-Live data transfers, Data scrubbing, Backups 
  • Product evaluation and enhancement recommendations
We offer proficiency in a variety of DevOps tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Chef, SaltStack; continuous integration through Jenkins and monitoring tools like New Relic, Nagios and Splunk.